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Glitch threatens first US moon landing since 1972

Peregrine Mission One was intended to deliver instruments and human ashes to the lunar surface but this now seems unlikely after a propulsion malfunction

Jacqui GoddardRhys Blakely
The Times

Named after the fastest bird on earth, and lifted into space by the world’s newest rocket amid jubilant scenes, the Peregrine was to have set a new milestone in humanity’s lunar endeavours. But after a perfect launch, a smooth separation from the Vulcan Centaur rocket that carried it to space, and a successful power-up as its systems kicked into life to take it onwards to the moon, it appeared that Peregrine’s wings had been clipped last night due to a malfunction in the propulsion system.

Despite a scrambled command sent up to the spacecraft to try to save it, hopes of it becoming the first private vehicle to make a soft landing on the moon seemed doomed.

“Unfortunately it appears the failure within the propulsion