Countdown is on for a TikTok election tussle

Both parties are preparing to throw mud on Twitter/X but will have a softer message for younger social media audiences

The Times

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Narrated by Katy Balls

Does your local MP hate puppies? If you’re a regular Facebook user, you may already know the answer. The Labour Party spent months last year running adverts for a petition to stop the Tories giving the “green light to puppy farms” after the government shelved its Kept Animals Bill, which included a crackdown on intensive breeding practices.

The adverts, which one Labour aide refers to as the “Tories kill puppies” ad, irked Conservative MPs to the point that, fearing a backlash from a nation of animal lovers, several personally messaged members of the shadow cabinet to ask them to — forgive the pun — call off the dogs.

Such tactics, though, are here to stay. While Labour and the Tories don’t agree on much, strategists