Don’t give away too much of your business — like I did

External funding can reduce risk, provide growth capital and another layer of expertise. But you must time the move right and not give too much of your equity away

The Sunday Times

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Narrated by Richard Harpin

He may not have won, but the business of darts will most certainly enjoy a huge popularity bounce in the wake of the incredible performances in the World Darts Championship by teenager Luke Littler. The chances are that if your local pub has a darts board, then the queue to play is already longer than ever — a result of the sport’s extraordinary growth since 2001.

That’s when the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) secured long-term investment from Matchroom, the promotions company run by Barry Hearn and his son, Eddie, and the sport began transforming itself from pastime into celebrity-studded media phenomenon, with tournaments across the world.

Over the past decade alone, the PDC has increased its annual profits from £1.9 million to £12.3 million. No