A criticism of milk pudding

Milk pudding was described as both “stodgy and monotonous”
Milk pudding was described as both “stodgy and monotonous”

From The Times: January 9, 1924

Mr Charles Hecht, Hon Secretary of the Food Education Society, speaking at the Conference of Educational Associations at University College on the subject, “Diet as an essential factor in education”, said that men with the best brains were frequently the greatest sinners in the matter of diet.

A few years ago he had chanced to be in the company of Herbert Spencer’s housekeeper, and it appeared that the great philosopher had dinner at 8pm, and retired at 9pm. His doctors utterly failed to convince the learned man that these two facts stood to his insomnia, which was persistent, in the relation of cause and effect. Another man, an educationist of magnificent constitution, cut his life short by his addiction