How to get good glutes: seven easy exercises

It’s not just about a perky bum — these crucial muscles affect the whole body. Here’s how to strengthen them

Your glutes are essential for movement and balance
Your glutes are essential for movement and balance
The Times

Developing strong glutes is not just about striving for a firm bum. They are a powerhouse muscle group and essential for movement and balance, good posture and performance in everything from walking to squatting and running.

“Glutes are an incredibly important set of muscles for humans because of our upright posture and gait,” says Dr Richie Kirwan, a lecturer in exercise physiology at the Liverpool John Moores University’s Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences. “Strengthening the glutes with appropriate exercises has been shown in some trials to reduce lower back pain and improve quality of life.”

That’s because glutes stabilise the pelvis, keeping everything in good alignment including the knees, says Dalton Wong, the celebrity personal trainer and founder of TwentyTwo Training in London.