I failed to follow up Post Office victim’s case

Watching ITV’s drama about the miscarriage of justice over the Horizon computer system has been a chastening experience

The Times

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Narrated by Magnus Linklater

I felt a stab of guilt as I sat watching last week’s ITV drama series on the Post Office scandal. Its horrifying litany of persecution, cover-up, and corporate deception should have been exposed long ago. Yet, there on my desk back in 2021 sat a file detailing the way just one employee — Angela Junor, who ran the post office in Upper Largo in Fife — had been accused of a “cash shortage” of just under £5,000. She was forced to pay it back. However, it was not her but the Post Office’s Horizon computer system that was guilty of theft.

The letters she received down the years were cold, commanding, and laced with threat. “The above failing [sic] give me great cause for concern