It’s not just Lululemon’s founder judging how we look in yoga kit

Chip Wilson says the brand isn’t for ‘everything to everyone’. The same is true of exercise classes — stray from your tribe and you’ll find it unwelcoming

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson; a group yoga class
Lululemon founder Chip Wilson; a group yoga class
The Times

After my 8am reformer Pilates class yesterday, I kept my Lululemon leggings on to get my 15,000 steps in — at one point with a green juice in hand, bouncy ponytail swinging. So far, so in keeping with the Lululemon lifestyle, which brought in $9.5 billion in revenue last year. But if the brand’s founder had seen me or, in particular, seen my lack of a thigh gap, he might have been less than thrilled.

In a new interview with Forbes, Chip Wilson, who founded Lululemon in 1998, took a swing at the brand’s “whole diversity and inclusion thing”. It’s a particular bugbear of his: Wilson resigned as chairman in 2013, after the public response to comments he made about black leggings that were having