We need radical change to revitalise London’s stock market

It is time to think radically about structural changes that could revitalise the nation’s stock market

The Times

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Narrated by Ed Warner

Why would you do it? List your business on the London Stock Exchange? Sit as a non-executive on a London-listed board? Fight the tangle of governance red tape? Suffer the proddings from fund managers and barbs of commentators? Stare at your share price, willing it to turn for the better and deflect the critics?

I’ve a sentimental attachment to the London stock market, if not the London Stock Exchange itself. As a wet-behind-the-ears fund manager in 1986, I was invited on to the floor of the exchange on the day face-to-face trading ceased. The celebratory mayhem I shared reflected hope for a bright future as much as brokers’ and stock-jobbers’ wistfulness about the disappearance of direct human interaction in the conduct of their business.