The 14 sharpest silver surfers on social media

Forget the stereotype about the elderly lacking computer skills, the new gang making waves on Instagram and TikTok are septuagenarians — or even older. By Hannah Rogers

Grandad Joe; Joan Mcdonald; Baddie Winkle
Grandad Joe; Joan Mcdonald; Baddie Winkle
The Times

Call them oldfluencers, granfluencers — or simply golden oldies. Either way, a few savvy members of the elderly populace have used the social media platforms preferred by their grandchildren to catapult themselves to viral fame — and the lucrative advertising and brand partnerships that go with it. So, whether it’s a grandpa with dazzling dance moves or a trendsetter in the gym, this is the internet’s over-70 power list.

Why my stepfather went viral on social media

@iris.apfel, 102 years old (2.9 million Instagram followers)
Apfel is the original gran-fluencer and has been enjoying social media fame for her wildly vibrant outfits, pithy one-liners (“more is more and less is a bore”) and trademark goggle glasses since the dawn of Instagram. In 2005