Step away from the superheroes and see a real film

Marvel movies and young adult fiction may be comforting but they’re really not for grown-ups

The Times

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Narrated by Tomiwa Owolade

I have not seen Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom but I feel as if I have already watched it. Such superhero franchise films are not singular pieces of art. They are like mass-produced soap: you know what you are going to get. Yet this latest iteration of the genre has been panned by critics. Kevin Maher conceded in The Times that it was “not the worst superhero movie of the year” but added: “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is symptomatic of everything that’s stale and lazy in the comic book movie market.”

I have enjoyed some superhero films but I recognise they are fundamentally limited. They are made for children. To enjoy them is not something to be proud of. Many watch such films