Monday June 3, 2019 (Ask the Theologian)

“Monday June 3, 2019 (Ask the Theologian)” from Ask The Theologian by Dr. Randy White. Released: 2019. Track 925. Genre: Speech.

  1. Commentary on Theological Seminaries.
  2. In Acts 9:5 can you expound on the last part “it is hard to kick against the pricks” and why NASB and others omit it? Was this Jesus speaking?
  3. Would you please comment on the growing issue of contemplative prayer? This seems very dangerous.
  4. Do all seminaries push psychology?
  5. What are your thoughts on psychology and the church? Is there any value or is it a ploy to get Christians away from the sufficiency of Scripture?
  6. What Bible program are you using?
  7. When I read Ephesians 2:11-22 it seems to clearly indicate that Gentiles became a part of the Commonwealth or citizens of Israel when they are saved, however, many disagree, what say you?
  8. When the “spiritual kingdom” instead of the “earthly kingdom” position is proposed – is there any other scripture appealed to besides John 18:36?

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