Thursday June 6, 2019 (Ask the Theologian)

“Thursday June 6, 2019 (Ask the Theologian)” from Ask The Theologian by Dr. Randy White. Released: 2019. Track 927. Genre: Speech.

  1. Seventy-five years ago today our brave soldiers went on to the Omaha Beach into Normandy France and they literally changed the world.
  2. We moved to Georgia five years ago and thought it would be easy to find a good dispensational Church, wrong! The pastor mentioned spiritual formation in glowing terms and was heavily promoting it as a way to draw closer to God and to be conformed to His image. He seems to think we should practice these disciplines as a method to grow in the Lord. My dilemma is I’ve read much about Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, and others and the mystical side of this movement and its ties to contemplative prayer. I’m wondering if the pastor is just clueless as to the dangers, or has he bought into the fact that this is wonderful because it’s taught in every seminary?
  3. What is that time period called between the shed blood of Christ and the mystery being revealed? What began in Acts 2?
  4. We cannot find a good church to where we just moved and there are no churches for us around here. The newly hired pastor where we are is definitely a social justice warrior. What do you think of us going to a mega church and seeing if we can’t just find a Sunday-school class where we can sit in a row and find other believers to fellowship with? No way we can stand to sit through the shallow sermon by the pastor.
  5. Many conclude that Acts was written in the early 60s. Hebrews was also written about that time. Who do you believe wrote Hebrews and what was its primary purpose? I have heard you mention that it was a final offer of the kingdom.
  6. How do you know the Bible is the Word of God? Do you have any advice on what to say to them?

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