Thursday November 14, 2019 (Ask the Theologian)

Thursday November 14, 2019 (Ask the Theologian) from Ask The Theologian by Dr. Randy White. Released: 2019. Track 1,009. Genre: Speech.

  1. I come from a mega church with a worship band who smoked and played Hillsong. I get emotionally involved with the music. Do I have to give up my worship music to follow the Lord? Is it wrong to love people in the name of Jesus? I find myself getting depressed over these discrepancies in my Christian walk between kumbaya and as a dispensational Bible student.
  2. Dr White gives commentary on what to do with hard teaching.
  3. Would you please discuss your thoughts on redemptive creation.
  4. John 19:25 talks about Mary the mother of Jesus, her sister Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene. Were the mother of Jesus and her sister really both named Mary? Do we have 3 Marys standing there?
  5. Are Hebrew couplets only for embellishment or do they drive home points by repeating? For example Ps 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”.
  6. Over the years have you heard any bad arguments people use to defend the pre-trib rapture? Arguments that you would recommend that they not use since there are much better arguments?
  7. The pastor (David Reed) at the prophecy conference said we replace fallen angels?
  8. Since the Jews do not believe their savior is here why do they not have babies like crazy like Jews in the Old Testament did,, as they thought it to was critical to bringing about the Messiah? Or do they?

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