Thursday February 13, 2020 (Ask the Theologian)

Thursday February 13, 2020 (Ask the Theologian) from Ask The Theologian by Dr. Randy White. Released: 2020. Track 1,059. Genre: Speech.

  1. Commentary on Baylor University and prayer to “mother mystery”.
  2. Part of the reason that Jesus was killed was because he claimed to be the Son of God, yet both Peter and Nathanael said he was that.
  3. Is it an argument from silence in the NT epistles, that “repent and be baptized” is only a Kingdom gospel?
  4. I recently listen to your Galatians 2 study and I just wanted to clarify that your position is the “certain men” who came to Antioch from James happened after the Acts 15 meeting?
  5. Is it not correct to ask the Lord for forgiveness for sin? Do we not sin always? So, when I pray, I ask Him to forgive me.
  6. Is it possible that the book of Revelation was written much earlier, possibly before the destruction of Jerusalem, and therefore similar to the other Hebrew epistles in that they would be preparing the Jewish remnant for the judgement?
  7. Is repent and be baptized and salvation linked in Matt 28 and Mark 16 accounts of the so-called Great Commission?
  8. Isn’t Eph 4:5 and the “one baptism” an argument against water baptism? You can’t have two (water and spirit) and still have one.
  9. I have been on multiple mission trips and am currently a missionary in Japan. I have noticed that foreign churches in Ukraine, Mexico, and Japan do not have national flags in the church, nor do national anthems in church services, nor do they recognize military men in special military praise services. In the USA this is commonplace. Should we rethink these things? Would you consider them to be idolatry?
  10. Comment: Paul said he wasn’t sent to baptize and no other writer could say that.
  11. Comment: I do believe that there is a difference between asking God’s forgiveness and apologizing. Saying I’m deeply sorry is so important, without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. The Catholic Mass is a blasphemous crucifixion of Christ to forgive sin.
  12. Is my fellowship with Him not broken if I don’t ask for forgiveness?

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