Wednesday March 25, 2020 (Ask the Theologian)

Wednesday March 25, 2020 (Ask the Theologian) from Ask The Theologian by Dr. Randy White. Released: 2020. Track 1,086. Genre: Speech.

  1. Do you know the him in the Companion Bible is capitalized and the him in the KJV is not capitalized?
  2. Is there a book that traces the history of the hatred of dispensationalism?
  3. When do Christians start “civil disobedience” when it becomes a criminal offense to attend church?
  4. What does one do to dispose of unacceptable versions of the Bible?
  5. There is no civil disobedience if the true law says you are in charge already. We will have to get our constitutional rights back
  6. Speaking of government Wars, how’s the war on crime, drugs, hate speech, etc. going I haven’t heard much about these lately?

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